About Me

Hi, my name is Karen – welcome to my website!  I have been on a spiritual journey and self-awareness quest for almost 30 years and during that time, I have read literally hundreds of books on the subject. I have also gone to seminars, done workshops, attended retreats, hired personal coaches for business and spiritual growth, drummed, meditated, journaled, done yoga, kept a gratitude journal, a dream journal, been hypnotized and done Tapping (EFT) – believe me,  I have done it all and at this point in my life, I honestly feel like I can call myself an expert on spiritual work and self-improvement in general. About Karen

I have created this website to share what I have learned throughout all those years of searching because out of all the processes I have worked with, Tapping has had the fastest and most profound effect on my outlook and state of being.   I want to help anyone out there who was like me…knowing that life can be amazing and who is desperately trying to find the magic solution yet somehow always falling short and slipping back into feelings of worry, lack, limitation and unhappiness.

All of this work is cumulative and sometimes the changes are so slight you don’t even recognize them. I go through ups and downs in my life like everyone else – my personal challenges have mainly centered around money and relationships.  I would find a book or a process that I would grab onto like a lifeline and for a while, my life would take an upward turn and things would shift for the better.  Then down I would go again (never as far as before) and then back up again when I found the next lifeline.  And so on it went for 3 decades of finding my way and slowly but surely seeing my life getting better in increments and my state of happiness lasting for longer periods of time.  However, I was still missing something that was blocking me from experiencing true peace and joy.

What I was going though…

I originally came across Tapping about 10 years ago and used it pretty consistently for about 6 months.  I was struggling financially at the time, I was single and hoping for a magic bullet and not realizing it was right under my nose so to speak.  I started Tapping around money using a YouTube video for guidance and my finances did improve – not hugely, but I could definitely see a difference.  I wasn’t consistent with Tapping however and turned instead to reading more books and trying other processes.  I think that at the time, Tapping just seemed too easy although I could see improvement in my money situation and my life in general.  It seemed like it should be more of a struggle!  Also, I wasn’t aware that for Tapping to be truly effective, we need to address the source cause of our issue, not just the issue itself.
I was trying to figure out how to be happy and centered no matter what my outside circumstances were doing and I thought it must take a lot of work to get to that place. I had enough knowledge about the Universe and Energy to see very clearly that what I was “emanating” is what I was attracting.  But how to control my thoughts and feelings about money?  Relationships?  Even getting older and going through menopause?  My body, while still healthy, became a super efficient fat storing machine once I hit 50! How could I learn to control the energy I was putting out to the Universe when I was still feeling lack and limitation in many parts of my life?

The turning point…

I realized that despite all of this work I was doing (and it was substantial by anyone’s standards to say the least), I would still find myself worrying, still struggling and still doubting myself.  Doubting that I could ever be financially free, have a great relationship, live my life how I wanted.  I was also getting VERY frustrated.  All of this work, all of this time and I was still in this place?  Really???  I wasn’t recognizing the fantastic progress I had made, only that I wasn’t where I wanted to be.
Despite having a fairly successful business, some money in the bank,  my own condo, traveling and having great people in my life, I would still find myself stressing out completely.  What if my business dried up?  I didn’t get any more referrals?  I wasn’t getting any younger, I wasn’t in line to get a huge inheritance from wealthy parents, didn’t have a rich husband or even a semi-wealthy boyfriend.  What about retirement?  Would I die old, alone and poor?  Worry, worry, worry….   And the more I worried, the more I blocked true success.
I was the kind of worrier where I would wake up at 4 a.m. with the sick knot of fear in my stomach.  Sometimes it is directly related to something, sometimes not. Sometimes I would just wake up and decide to start worrying about something.
It was also a “things are going pretty good so when is the ship going to hit the iceberg” kind of worry.  I was happy for the most part, business was good and yet I lived with an underlying tension of not believing it would or could last.  So many things in my life were amazing but I felt like I couldn’t really celebrate them.  And my money worries kept circling.
I was on Facebook when an ad popped up (lose weight, make money, get a coach, take a trip – you know the ones ), and normally I would just scroll by or take a passing glance if the ad seemed somewhat interesting.  This was an ad for an online course using Tapping to create abundance – it called to me, I signed up and started a new journey.

What happened…

And I won the lottery!!!!   (Just kidding…)
But what I did win over those weeks was a peace around money and really everything in my life that I have NEVER had before – I didn’t realize how stressed and tense I was under all the smiles until it was gone. I was consistent with the work and did everything as outlined.
The result? I don’t wake up with worry any longer, my sleep is deep, peaceful and uninterrupted.  My work is steady and fulfilling and the money keeps coming in like clockwork.
For me, the huge difference between Tapping now and when I dabbled in it years ago is that the course helped me to dig deep into my underlying issues about money, lack, limitation, my own feelings of self-worth and then release it all with Tapping.  During that process, I could feel myself becoming lighter every day and my peace of mind seemed more constant despite setbacks or issues. I was generally very happy, bordering on joyful. The best thing? It didn’t fade away after a few days, a week, a month.  The results were real and the change has become permanent.
I now have a far more positive outlook regarding money and prosperity and therefore, a much clearer space for the Universe to work and create in.  We are magnets, plain and simple. If you are creating the same outcomes over and over, you HAVE to change what you are attracting, but to do that you need to figure out the what, why and how of it.  Learning how to Tap will help you gain that clarity.

I have a joyful expectation about my future now that I have never had before and the best part, it is sustainable, ongoing and easy. If anything comes up that bothers me (whether it’s money related or not) I simply Tap around it and release it.  It may take a few times but more often than not, one session is enough.  When I am in a great mood and really happy (which is most of the time now!), I do a quick Tapping session just to solidify the feeling in my subconscious so that it truly becomes my new norm. I am so calm these days, it’s crazy!  I couldn’t have imagined myself living so easily and happily with what I have right now and joyously looking forward to more but here I am.

The science behind Tapping and EFT is fascinating and I look forward to sharing that with you. Like I said earlier, my goal in creating this website is to help anyone out there who is like me – knowing there is a calmer, peaceful, happier way to live no matter what your circumstances and yet struggling to find your way to that place.
I want to offer support, answer your questions and help you to create your best life ever which is what we are all here to do.  This life is not a trial or a testing ground – it is meant to be a container for experience, growth, love and happiness.
If anything I have shared resonates with you, please comment below – I am so looking forward to connecting with you!

Much love,

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