How to Tap

The Starting Point

To begin, focus on the negative issue at hand whether it is fear, anxiety or a bad memory – basically anything that is bothering you.
While keeping this emotion as your focus, take 3 deep breaths and then start with the karate chop point (side of hand) and Tap it firmly with the flat of the opposite hand.
Repeat as follows:

“Although I feel _______________, I deeply and completely love, honor and accept myself.”


“Although I feel __________, I choose to love, honor and respect myself.”

You will know what feels right for you. Repeat this 3 times.
By using these statements, you are acknowledging that while you recognize the issue is there, you are not judging yourself for having these feelings. There is love and acceptance for yourself with a willingness to change.

The Process

Once the opening statements are complete, continue to use your fingertips to gently but firmly Tap on the meridian points as shown, about 5-7 Taps each. You can use both hands for the top of the head, the points around the eye and the collarbone.  For under the nose, chin and arm, use one hand only. It does not matter which hand you use or if you switch hands back and forth nor does it matter if you only use one hand throughout. Depending on the size of the area (under the nose vs the collarbone for example), you will use 2 to 4 fingers.
For example:

“Feeling this way is causing me issues.”  eyebrow point                                                                                                                        
“I know the cause of this issue is __________ and I feel helpless to change it.” side of eye point
“This makes me feel __________.”  under eye point
“I’m frustrated because this keeps coming up in my life no matter what I do.” under nose point
“I am so sick of this issue and I am tired of it affecting my happiness.” chin point
“This feels like it will never go away.” collarbone point
“I am so tired of this.” under arm point
“___________ is ruining my ability to feel joy in my life.” top of head point.

The idea is to let the feelings come up in whatever way they need to and then to express those feelings in the form of a statement. Just go with the flow and don’t worry so much about the words as much as the emotion behind the words – there is no wrong way to do this. Don’t be concerned about it being pretty (likely it won’t be!) and focus more on just getting it all out.

There is no definite amount of time that is needed, just continue to Tap until you feel you want to change the focus to the positive. I would suggest you try for 3 to 5 minutes minimum if possible. When you feel ready, stop and take a few more deep breaths.

Then shift to positive statements and continue through the meridian points starting with the eyebrow point for as many more rounds as you like – you do not need to do the karate chop point again.

For example:

“Although I feel _____________, I am willing to change”
“Although I am feeling ____________, I can see a better future ahead.”
“Although ______________is going on right now, I know that things always get better for me.”

End with a positive statement on the under arm point and finally tapping the top of the head saying, “In mind, body and spirit.”

Shouldn’t We Avoid Focusing on the Negative?

The tricky part is to get past the fear of focusing on the negative. Because we are becoming so aware of how our thoughts create our reality, we have become hyper-focused on always thinking positively and never allowing a negative thought to creep in. The whole point of doing Tapping however, is to take those negative thoughts and emotions and release them so they no longer have any power over us.
By Tapping while focusing on the negative, you are telling your brain that everything is okay, you are safe and that you will be fine despite this negative feeling. Your brain calms down, you calm down and moving forward, the thought fails to have a similar effect on you.
This is the beauty  and simplicity of Tapping.