Issues Tapping Can Help With

What we now know is that negative emotions are connected to physical pain. Physical pain is connected to negative emotions. Tapping provides an effective and long-lasting way to break this cycle, enabling you to move forward with your life without anything holding you back.

Tapping is shown to be effective in the treatment of (but not limited to):                         

Pain Relief
Weight Loss
Autoimmune Diseases
Relationship Issues

What Tapping does is get to the root of the emotional issue that is underlying the life problem you are experiencing. It helps by working through any experiences from the past that are blocking you from current happiness. Tapping balances the energy connection between mind, body and spirit to help you move into a place of positive emotion, ridding yourself of tension, stress and unhappiness.
When we Tap, we are sending a signal to the amygdala, the part of the brain that is responsible for our stress response, emotions, memory and survival mode. By reprogramming our response to perceived threats such as anger or sadness, we are in effect telling our brain that we are safe. Negative emotions create chronic stress by constantly stimulating the amydgala and through Tapping, we can release these and create a calmer space to live in.
When you talk about a stressful situation, event or memory while Tapping through the meridian fields, you are preventing these thoughts from having a negative effect on you in the future and you will be calmed down in the moment as well. You have now created room in your mind for positive and empowering thoughts. This is when you will begin to see improvements in your life that are undeniable.
Tapping helps to bring up negative feelings and emotions that are holding you back and creating problems in your life. It is hard if not impossible to create lasting change when you are focused on the problem and not the solution. EFT/Tapping can help you to live your best life possible.