Losing Weight Using Tapping…and Keeping it Off

By | February 2, 2017

Losing weight and keeping it off can be tricky.

Many people who battle weight gain tend to cycle up and down for years which then creates more issues including metabolic sluggishness and health problems. Not to mention the sheer frustration of of it all.  Many of us have experienced the joy of getting down to our goal weight, buying new clothes, receiving compliments and then hiding under our “fat” clothes again when pounds crept back.

Overeating and trauma.

Because overeating is often related to emotional trauma, it’s difficult to say that any one exercise plan, diet or revised eating plan is going to be the magic bullet. And yes, you can work out 6 days a week but if you are worried that taking a week off for a holiday will undo all of your hard work, what was the point? Personally, I will always exercise because I want to enjoy good health, but I now realize that I may not lose weight and keep it off regardless of diet or exercise alone or if I do, the journey could be a mild form of torture and one I couldn’t sustain. I have been exercising regularly for over 30 years and I know from experience, my weight can still fluctuate despite that.

We only get one body in this lifetime.

The truth is, our body is the vessel that will house us for life – we can’t switch it out for another one halfway through. We can try and replace parts if needed but that’s not always a permanent fix either nor is it an ideal solution. Being overweight is a cultural issue, yes, but it can also be a health issue as well. I am guessing that if you are reading my blog, you are not one of those overweight people who are totally comfortable with themselves and that you are looking for a solution. Or you are like me and although you eat healthy and exercise regularly, weight gain with age seems to be inevitable.

Metabolism – friend or enemy?

When I was in my teens, I tended to plumpness but was not considered fat and also, I was blessed with a metabolism whereby I could gain 5 pounds and lose it over a weekend of partying. Enter my 30’s and
things started to slow down slightly. I was still not “overweight” but at 5 feet tall, I had to start being careful. When I hit my 40’s, it was like I was living in a different body – I would gain weight and it would take hard work and dieting to get it to drop off. I would relax, start to have fun again and boom!  It would be back.

Then I hit my 50’s and menopause came to visit for 2 years – that was the game changer. I was working out regularly – HIIT classes, spin, pilates, yoga – and that extra 10 lbs stuck like glue. My clothes were tight and I just felt…dumpy. And old.  Again, no one would have looked at me and considered me overweight but I just didn’t feel good. I wasn’t ready for this change yet, that was for sure.

Yes, I cleaned up my eating habits (for the first time in my life, it wasn’t an option to eat junk food on a regular basis and consume quantities of alcohol) and I continued to exercise. I did notice a bit of a change but not a lot considering the amount of work I was doing.  It was frustrating beyond belief to see the scale creeping down at a glacial pace and then for some unknown reason, popping back up a pound or two.

How Can Tapping Help?

The real change occurred when I started to Tap around my weight – I was having trouble just accepting weight gain as part of getting older and wasn’t ready to give in at this point. As I learned more about Tapping, I realized that a lot of my emotion around eating and age could be calmed down and that my body didn’t have to pay the price for my internal struggles. The strange thing is, I didn’t realize I even had these issues until I started to Tap and then the statements just started coming out. I could be real and honest with myself because after all, I was the only one in the room! Using Tapping, I could then neutralize these emotions and remove them from my thought pattern. Depending on your own weight issues and when they started, you may have a whole lifetime of negative emotional thought patterns that need to be healed. As of the writing of this blog, I am down 8lbs and only 3 lbs off my goal weight – that happened in 6 weeks after 2 years of struggle with no results. And I ain’t getting any younger!

Emotional healing.

Once the emotional healing begins, your relationship to yourself will change and along with that, your relationship to food. I am guessing that negative self-image is at the core of your weight issues to some degree (and also financial and relationship issues if you have those too). Throw in stress around dieting, negative self-talk, cravings and it’s a recipe for failure on every level.

The only long lasting solution that is virtually stress-free.

Tapping is the only long-lasting solution that I know of that does not cause stress on your body or that requires a huge amount of effort and work. It’s free. Easy. Anyone can do it. All it takes is a commitment to learning how to do (it’s pretty simple) and then practicing it whenever the need arises. Most people notice a difference after one session.

I would love to hear your feedback on this and please visit my site on a regular basis as I will be adding free Tapping videos that you can follow along with! If you have any questions, let me know and I will do my best to help you out!

Tapping to happy,






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