The Science Behind Tapping

There has been undeniable research done to prove that Tapping (EFT) produces real, long-lasting change and can significantly heal emotional trauma.  It is now being used world-wide by many health professionals who are realizing that hospital treatments, medication and psychotherapy are often shown to be inadequate in treating these conditions effectively.
Harvard Medical School discovered after a decade of research, that Tapping lessened the brain’s stress and fear response which is controlled by the amygdala. This was done by stimulating the meridian points of the body, similar to acupuncture and acupressure.
Dr. Dawson Church also researched the effects of Tapping using a randomized controlled trial study and in an hour-long Tapping session, 83 subjects were shown to have reduced their cortisol levels (the hormone your body releases when it undergoes stress) by 24% to 50%! There is no traditional talk therapy that has produced the same results in the same time period.
The Stress Project was created by Dr. Church and it teaches Tapping to war veterans suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) and the results are an amazing 64% average decrease in PTSD symptoms after 6 rounds of Tapping.
This type of research is in incredible and has converted many sceptics in the scientific community. Millions of people around the world are now discovering the power of Tapping.

The Discovery of Tapping

A psychologist in 1980, Roger Callahan, was working with a patient, Mary, who had an extreme phobia of water. The phobia was debilitating and was controlling the Mary’s life. It was to the point where rain terrified her and she couldn’t even look at the sight of water on TV. She continuously had vivid nightmares involving water.
After a year of working together, Mary was able to sit within sight of the pool at Dr. Callahan’s home. Even so, she was extremely distressed and suffered intense fear and emotional pain. She suffered from stomach pains when near water because of the severity of the phobia. She was finding ways to cope with the fear but could not overcome the phobia itself.
Dr. Callahan had been researching traditional Chinese medicine and was learning about energy meridians in the body.  Knowing the acupuncture point for the stomach was on the cheekbone, he suggested she tap there in the hopes it might help with her stomach pains.
This one small action produced amazing results. Not only did Mary’s stomach pains go away, she was able to approach the pool and even splash water on herself. Her fear was gone. It was literally a miracle.

Dr. Callahan began to do intensive research on this discovery and developed what he called Thought Field Therapy. In the 1990’s, Gary Craig worked with Dr. Callahan and discovered that even though problems were sometimes incorrectly diagnosed by practitioners when working with patients or if the meridian points were Tapped in the wrong order, the patient was still helped.
This encouraged Craig to refine the procedure and simplify it. He developed EFT as an improved version of the Callahan’s TFT. This change made it easy for the average person to adopt as EFT has a simple sequence of points to Tap for any given situation.

Since then, thousands of people world-wide have used Tapping for emotional problems as well as physical distress. More and more people every day are discovering how Tapping can change their lives.